Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Did you know?

Constant developments in technology have been responsible for the appearance of many new words that are now entering our everyday vocabulary.

Any idea what these words mean?

- alpha geek

- cyberpark

- entreprenerd

- geekerati

- generation lap

- nerdistan

- posthuman

- technosexual

No clue? Click on them to find out!

Visit http://www.wordspy.com/index/Technology-General.asp to learn other words associated with technology.

This cartoon it's really funny... A guy who likes stay him all day in front of a computer eating junkfood...That can be really bad to him healthy, because they will became fat and will have serious problems.... this is my opinion about the cartoon... I don't know what i can say more about the cartoon, so.... goodbye... and keep putting some funny cartoons like this one... ;) BYE...

Daniel Moreira Nº5 10ºG
I think that it is image is an image that represents very well what it happens to a house that is inhabited by an single man who is vitiated to computers, that is is a house where the garbage together walks spread for the soil with some material computer science, where chávenas with liquids they are on of the computers and if to fall can ruin the device and the man can apanhar a shock.

Eugénio Monteiro Nº8 10ºG
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